The Kingdom of Bhutan

  • Asian Development Bank
    • Bhutan Air Transport Connectivity Project
  • Department of Civil Aviation
    • Strengthening Air Transport Regulatory and Operational Performance


  • Jamshedpur Airport
    • Feasibility Study for New Airport


  • Mactan Cebu Airport
    • Airport Terminal PPP Study


  • Whitsunday airport
    • Planning Appraisal for airport site


  • Sunshine Coast Airport
    • EIS Airspace and Forecasting Study

Northwest Territories, Canada

  • Tuktoyatuk Airport
    • Airport Master Plan

Northwest Territories, Canada

  • Yellowknife Airport
    • Airport Master Plan
    • Apron Layout Design
  • NWT Regional Airports
    • GPS Precision Approach feasibility

Ontario, Canada

  • Thunder Bay Airport
    • Airfield Layout Design for Upgrading and Expansion


  • Regional Municipal & Comunity Airports
    • Terminal Design

Newfoundland, Canada

  • St. John's Airport
    • Airport Master Plan

Kingston, Jamaica

  • Norman Manley International Airport
    • Airport Master Plan
    • Apron Planning
    • Apron Design & Related Facilities
  • Air Jamaica Aircraft Maintenance
    • Apron Planning & Site Grading Design


  • Government of Cambodia
    • Institutional Restructuring for SSCA
  • Chhnang Airport
    • Airport Development Plan


  • Montserrat Island
    • Airport Feasibility Assessment

Trinidad & Tobago

  • Piarco International Airport
    • New Passenger Terminal Commissioning


  • Guyana Civil Aviation Department
    • Institutional Strengthening
    • Re-structuring of Civil Aviation Department
  • Cheddi Jagan International Airport
    • Institutional Strengthening
    • Development of a Corporatised National Airports Authority


  • New Phu Quoc International Airport
    • Airport Master Plan

United Kingdom

  • UK Overseas Territories
    • Civil Aviation Administrative Restructuring
  • SERAS Noise Review Cliffe Marshes
    • Noise Analysis


  • Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea
    • Safety Management System Development and Training


  • New Accra International Airport
    • Feasibility Study and Airport Master Plan
  • GCAA
    • Post Restructuring Review

St Helena

  • St Helena Airport
    • Airport Review & Proposal


  • Lagos Airport
    • Review of ILS Localizer Replacement

Republic of Ireland

  • Donegal Airport
    • Annex 14 Compliance & Airport Upgrading
    • Airport Runway Reconfiguration Design
    • Safety Management System
    • ATR Safety Case
  • Dublin International Airport
    • Airside Capacity Study
    • New North Parallel Runway Development
    • Runway Performance Calculations
    • New Airport Feasibility Study
  • Galway Airport
    • Runway Upgrading Design
    • Airport Obstacles Analysis
    • Risk Assessment of Sports Complex Development at Carnmore
  • Birr Airfield
    • Airfield Safeguarding
  • Cork Airport
    • New Air Traffic Control Tower & Operations Building Assessment
    • Runway Performance Calculations
  • Cork University Hospital
    • Helipad Facilities Planning
  • Shannon International Airport
    • Wind Shear and Turbulence Assessment for Hangar Development
  • Sligo Airport
    • Runway Development Planning and Reconfiguration
    • Airside inspection, Pavement Evaluation & Upgrading
    • Safety Management System
  • Waterford Regional Airport
    • Safety Management System Development
    • Airport Runway Reconfiguration
    • Airport Inspection and Design Options for Upgrading
    • Airport Master Plan


  • Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport
    • BOT Risk Review


  • Milan Linate International Airport
    • Airspace Flight Procedures Simulation
    • Aircraft Noise Modelling


  • Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority
    • National Air Traffic Control Radar System Review


  • Budapest-Ferighey Airport
    • BOT Terminal Development Review


  • Pristina International Airport
    • Airport Operational Audit


  • Queen Alia International Airport
    • Civil Aviation Authority Restructuring &
      Airport Facility Requirements
    • Runway pavements evaluation


  • Cairo International Airport
    • Terminal 3 – Terminal and Apron Development Review
    • Terminal 3 Design review and Construction management Support


  • Entebbe International Airport
    • National Civil Aviation Plan
    • Airport Master Plan


  • Country-wide
    • National Civil Aviation Development Plan
  • Mzuzu International Airport
    • Engineering Design for Review for Relocated Airport


  • Country-wide
    • Civil Aviation Management Information System


  • Country wide
    • National Air Transport Strategy


  • Country-wide
    • National Transport Plan


  • Huambo Airport
    • Airport Master Plan


  • Country-wide
    • DCA MIS Concept
  • Gabarone International Airport
    • National Airports Development Planning
    • Civil Aviation Department Restructuring


  • King Moshoeshoe International Airport
    • Aviation Planning and Flight Procedures Design


  • Al Khor Airport, Doha
    • Planning & Development of a Helicopter
      Operating Base & General Aviation Airport

Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • Abu Dhabi International Airport
    • Second Runway Development Planning and Design
  • Amiri Flight Centre
    • Aircraft Manouevring Simulation
  • Arzanah Island
    • Airfield Safeguarding
  • Al Raha Helipad
    • Helipad Planning and Design
  • Sheikh Khalifa Medical Centre (SKMC)
    • New Helipad Design Study
    • Second Helipad Design Study


  • Qeshm International Airport
    • Airport Master Plan
    • Pavement Testing and Design Review
    • Commercial Plan
    • Qeshm Airport Certification
    • Qeshm Airport Management Services


  • Country-wide
    • Jet Airways Maintenance and Repair Organisation (MRO)
  • Indira Gandhi International Airport,Delhi
    • ILS Category IIIA Aeronautical Study


  • Department of Civil Aviation Authority
    • National Airspace and Flight Procedures Study
  • Government of Nepal
    • Nepal ADB Civil Aviation Project
  • Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu
    • Airport Master Plan


  • Country-wide
    • National Transport Strategy Study


  • Bangkok & Regional Airports
    • Airport Master Planning
  • Suvarnabhumi International Airport
    • Long Term Strategic Airport Planning


  • Langkawi Airport
    • Airside Safety and Risk Assessment


  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport
    • Airport Planning & Preliminary Design
    • Discussion Paper on Airport Drainage Facilities in
      the Context of the Saudia Taxiway Excursion at KLIA
    • Airside Safety and Risk Assessment
  • KLIA -Low Cost Carrier Terminal
    • Review of Planned Low Cost Carrier Terminal Extension and Apron Expansion
    • Planning and Design of New Low Cost Carrier Terminal
  • Subang Airport
    • Airport Planning and Development
    • Subang Skypark Risk Assessment
    • Fixed Base Operator Facilities
    • New Helicopter Centre Master Plan


  • Seletar Airport
    • Airport Accident Investigation
  • Singapore Airlines SQ006
    • Aircraft Accident Investigation Assistance


  • Durgapur Airport
    • Techno Economic Feasibility Study for the
      Development of Green Field Airport at Durgapur


  • Kang Keng (Sihanoukville) Airport
    • Instrument Approach Development
    • Airport Development Plan


  • Luoang Phrabang Airport
    • Airport Improvement Plan


  • North East Cambodia Airports
    • Mekong Tourism Development Project:
      NE Cambodia Airports Upgrading Stung Treng &
      Rattanakiri Airports

Hong Kong SAR, China

  • Hong Kong International Airport
    • Air Transport Nominal Flight Schedules
    • Air Transport Nominal Flight Schedule Reassessment
    • Strategic Plan for Hong Kong International Airport
    • Airport Planning Consultancy Services


  • Xian Xianyang International Airport
    • Airport Master Plan Review


  • Adi Sumarmo Airport, Solo
    • Aircraft Accident Investigation


  • Kuching International Airport
    • Airside Safety and Risk Assessment


  • Brunei Airport
    • Airport Master Plan

St. Vincent & the Grenadines

  • ET Joshua International Airport
    • Airport Inspection and Upgrading Review
  • Mustique Airport
    • Airport Safety & Development Review
    • New Runway Design Study


  • Fernando Air Base, Batangas Province
    • Air Base Redevelopment for Civilian Use


  • Miri Airport
    • Airside Safety and Risk Assessment

Dubai, UAE

  • Al Maktoum International (World Central) Airport
    • Air Traffic Transfer Strategy Study
    • New Airport Operational Readiness Programme
    • Aerodrome and SMS Manual
  • Dubai International Airport
    • Risk Assessment for New Apron
    • Holding Positions on Taxiways
    • Safety Case Assessment for Phase 3 Use of Runway,
      Runway Commissioning Project Management
  • University Hospital Helipad
    • Helipad Planning and Design

South Korea

  • Incheon International Airport
    • Phase 2 Master Plan
    • Airport Master Plan review


  • Faleolo International Airport
    • Design for Airport Upgrading


  • Bauerfield International Airport
    • Design of Apron Extension and apron markings

New Zealand

  • Wellington International Airport
    • Due Diligence for Airport Privatisation

New Zealand

  • Christchurch International Airport
    • Bird Hazard Assessment Review

Queensland - NSW, Australia

  • Coolanagatta Airport
    • Instrument Approach Study

Sydney, NSW, Australia

  • Kingsford Smith International Airport
    • International Passenger Terminal Master Plan


  • New Siem Reap International Airport
    • Master Planning and Feasibility Study

Nunavut, Canada

  • Rankin Inlet Airport
    • Airport Master Plan

Maritimes, Canada

  • Maritimes Airports
    • Aircraft Performance Analysis

Ontario, Canada

  • Toronto Area
    • Regional Airports Study

Ontario, Canada

  • Peterborough Municipal Airport
    • Airfield Layout Design

Ontario, Canada

  • Midlands Airport
    • Runway Extension Design

Ontario, Canada

  • North Bay Airport Authority
    • Feasibility & Management study into the
      establishment of a Local Airport Authority

Ontario, Canada

  • Lake Simcoe Regional Airport
    • Airport Master Planning
    • Contract Management Development

British Columbia, Canada

  • Vancouver International Airport
    • Passenger Terminal Simulation


  • Kota Perdana Cargo Airport
    • Airport Siting and Intrument Flight Procedures


  • Penang International Airport
    • Terminal Expansion Design
    • Airside Safety and Risk Assessment


  • Country-wide
    • National Transport Strategy Study
  • Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport &
    Clark International Airport
    • Passenger Terminal BOT Appraisal
  • Subic Bay International Airport
    • Facilities Review


  • Chiang Kai Shek International Airport, Taipei
    • Long- Range Airport Master Plan
  • Kaohsiung International Airport
    • Airport Master Planning

United Kingdom

  • Birmingham International Airport
    • EUROHUB Terminal Development
  • East Midlands Airport
    • Operations Analysis for Change
      in Critical Design Aircraft


  • Sharm El Sheikh
    • Terminal Design Review and Construction Management Support
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